Dental Care Tips You Owe It to Yourself to Check Out

You can hide your white hair, but you can never hide your rotten teeth. The presence of a single decayed tooth can even be felt through its foul smell. Thus it is critical to always take good care of your pearls, no matter how busy your schedule gets. Health is wealth and this includes your dental health. Here’s the list of dental care tips you owe to yourself. This will be useful content for you.

Visit your dentist twice a year.

Ideally, assuming that your dental health is in good condition, you are to visit your dentist every 6 months. However, if a situation calls for a more frequent check-up, your visits may become more frequent. This applies to people with braces that need to be adjusted every month. It also includes those with implants or other dental concerns that require regular monitoring.

Most people delay their dental visits because they either fear the dental procedures or they lack the resources (e.g., financial and time). But the more they delay the visit, the worse the dental problem gets. The damage may be untreatable or expensive already.

Moreover, as a tip, choose a dental clinic that provides emergency dental care as you never know when you need one.


Take time to brush your teeth.

Time seems to be the new currency these days. It is so precious it has to be focused on work, friends, family, and other priorities. Then again, you also need time for yourself. Whether you admit it or not, sometimes it becomes so convenient to skip breakfast, forego personal shopping, or even rush your brushing of teeth because you are time-pressed. This is a big no-no when it comes to dental care. Spend a good 2 minutes cleaning the insides of your mouth, including your tongue, the back of your cheeks, upper palate, and the back parts of your teeth. If you are wearing braces, retainers, or implants, stretch your brushing time to 3 minutes so you can perform a thorough cleaning.


Invest in a good toothbrush.

You buy a cup of Starbucks coffee every day and you indulge in an expensive Gucci dress, yet your toothbrush may be the ordinary hard-bristled brush you purchased during a sale. Clearly, this is an error in priorities. Hygiene investments should come before fashion, gadgets or any other luxuries. Buy a good toothbrush, you owe it to yourself.

Battery-operated brushes are gaining popularity in the market these days because they clean better than the ordinary toothbrushes. Holding the brush at a certain angle while brushing in circular motions can be a challenge sometimes, especially for kids. As such, electric brushes are in because they reduce the work for you, provide greater flexibility, and manage the pressure. When in a rush, you have the tendency to apply too much pressure and end up with bleeding gums. To avoid this, again, invest in a good toothbrush.

Clean your area.

It’s not just your teeth that you need to clean, but also your dental tools, including your toothbrush, your toothbrush holder, and even your sink. People often neglect cleaning the surrounding where their dental tools are kept, yet it is a major factor in avoiding the spread of bacteria which may cause diseases. If possible, rinse your brushes with hot water regularly and clean the receptacle. Also, do not place your trash bin near your storage for dental tools.

Floss and gargle.

Some skeptics say that flossing and gargling with an antibacterial mouthwash are only added expenses with zero benefits. However, dentists recommend both as they help prevent plaque buildup and fight bad breath (although bad breath can sometimes be a medication problem).

Watch your food intake

Your dental care should not just be limited to cleaning but must also include conscious eating. For one, you need to limit your intake of sweets as sugar bacteria that feed on it can cause cavities. Likewise, you need to avoid consuming too much acidic drinks, such as fruit juices and soft drinks. When dining outside, it is tempting to buy colas. Yet, apart from causing lifestyle diseases, acidic drinks contribute to the deterioration of your tooth’s enamel. Once the protective layer of your teeth is weakened, it becomes easier for bacteria to cause holes.

Your fast-paced lifestyle shouldn’t be an excuse to neglect your dental care. Your effort should also extend to self-care, including your dental care. By following routines, ensuring cleanliness, and investing in proper dental tools, you can even avoid bigger expenses.